Mission Statement

REAL SPORTS™ magazine will be the magazine of choice for fans and athletes involved in girls’ and women’s sports. Its purpose is to entertain and inform so our readers can become involved with the drama of competition involving female sports.

REAL SPORTS will deliver the finest editorial and action-based photojournalism possible, with a staff-team focused on serving the needs of our readers while also achieving personal and professional growth.

REAL SPORTS will remain cutting edge with a bit of an attitude, designed to challenge conventional thinking in order to bring media coverage of girls’ and women’s sports to a new, unprecedented level.

REAL SPORTS will far exceed the expectations of an untapped market segment eager for the positive, active portrayal of outstanding female athletes.

Business Objectives:

  • Be profitable and focused on long-term growth
  • Provide advertisers with a return on their investment
  • Control costs, while obtaining an national brand identity
  • Provide an exit strategy with substantial appreciation for investors

Staff-Team Objectives:

  • Provide an exciting and challenging place to work with the foundation being set in respect, open communications, and commitment to a team approach
  • Enable people to assume as much responsibility as desired, matched with capabilities and commitment
  • Be a workplace that is fun, exciting, and rewarding for the individual and team.